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    RBA Policy and Compliance Statement



    RBA Policy and Compliance Statement

    本公司及全體管理層認識到遵守國際勞工標準和維護勞工權益是一個負責任的公司所具備的基本條件 ,也是消費者、客戶、公眾和政府等相關方的期望 。為達成目標 ,我們聲明推行以下 RBA政策 :

    The company and all management recognize that compliance with international Labour standards and protection of Labour rights are essential requirements of a responsible company and expectations of consumers, customers, the public and governments. To achieve this, we declare the following RBA policies.

    §  遵守法律法規要求 Comply with laws and regulations

     我們承諾將遵守當地有關勞工及其它相關法規要求、遵守 RBA標準 ,并在建立 實施和維持中持續改進 。

    We are committed to complying with local laws and other relevant regulatory requirements on labor, complying with RBA standards, and making continuous improvements during the establishment, implementation and maintenance.

    §  童工 、未成年工及女職工保護 Protection for child, underage and female workers

        禁止使用童工,按照法律法規要求對未成年工及女職工實施保護 。

    Child labor is prohibited in any stage of manufacturing. To protect underage workers and female workers in accordance with laws and regulations.

    §  人道的待遇 Humane Treatment

    不得對員工實施殘酷和不人道的待遇 ,包括暴力、性暴力、性騷擾、性侵犯、體罰、心理或生理壓逼、欺凌、公開羞辱或口頭辱罵;尊重員工自由,禁止使用監獄工 。

    There is to be no harsh or inhumane treatment including violence, gender-based violence, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion, bullying, public shaming, or verbal abuse of workers; Respect employee freedom and prohibit the use of prisoner.

    §   反歧視 Non-Discrimination

    在雇用、晉升及福利報酬等問題上員工均有平等的機會 ,禁止任何形式的歧視行為 。

    Employees shall have equal opportunities in employment, promotion, welfare and remuneration, and any form of discrimination shall be prohibited. 

    §  結社自由  Freedom of Association


    To respect the right of all workers to form and join trade unions of their own choosing, to bargain collectively, and to engage in peaceful assembly.

    §  工作時間  Working Hours

        員工加班堅持自愿為原則 , 合理安排生產計劃 。

        All overtime must be voluntary. Arrange production schedule reasonably.

    §  資報酬與福利 Wages and Benefits

       員工薪資應符合所有適用的薪資相關法律法規 ,如最低工資、加班工資及法定應有的福利,透過薪資條將工資支付的訊息傳達給員工,不允許懲罰性工資扣除行為 。

     Compensation paid to workers shall comply with all applicable wage laws, including those relating to minimum wages, overtime hours and legally mandated benefits. For each pay period, workers shall be provided with a timely and understandable wage statement that includes sufficient information to verify accurate compensation for work performed. Deductions from wages as a disciplinary measure shall not be permitted.

    §  健康與安全 Health and Safety

       提供安全衛生的工作條件、生活條件和社會福利設施 ,確保員工的身體健康和安全 。

       Provide safe and healthy working conditions, living conditions and social welfare facilities to ensure the physical health and safety for employees. 

    §  環境保護 Environment 

       遵守當地法律法規及環境保護法律 ,在生產活動中盡可能減少對環境健康安全的影響 。

       Comply with local laws and regulations and environmental protection laws, minimize the impact on environmental health and safety during production activities. 

    §  道德 Ethics


       To fulfill our social responsibilities and adhere the highest ethical standards, including business integrity, no improper advantage, transparently disclosure of information, respect for intellectual property rights, and fair competition.

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